Aguas de Mondariz is synonymous with quality, health and purity. Its 139 years of history underline this. It’s a water of weak mineralization that is characterized by its beneficial qualities to health, by its balanced composition and its unique, refined and different taste that is recognized internationally as a result of various certificates and prizes.

The water of Mondariz is supported by ISO 9 000 of quality management; 14 000 of environmental management; and 22 000 of food safety. Also it’s the first company from the sector that has achieved the EMAS III certificate, which recognizes the efficiency of the environmental model and transparency in the dissemination of information on the system.

Mondariz is also mineral-medicinal water closely linked to spa activity that since 1873 has been used with reputed therapies. It´s appropriate for the consumption of sensitive populations and its components are provided with important diuretic and digestive properties, at the same time being very beneficial in the looking after the body. It´s recommended for all ages, especially children, pregnant women and for those people on diets low in sodium.

Aguas de Mondariz bottles spring-only natural mineral water, what guarantees the same consumption in any part of the world. The spring belongs to the Red Natura 2 000, a natural space protected with a perimeter of protection of 43 million square metres.

Sparkling Mineral Water


Its bubble is smaller than that of all the other sparkling waters, and is what makes the water very nice to drink. It´s especially renown for easing digestion and is beneficial for health problems relating to heartburn and difficult digestion. Its consumption with heavy meals is highly recommended, which already has a direct effect on digestion.


According to studies carried out by the High Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) “the daily consumption of a little of sparkling  water reduces the levels of bad cholesterol on average by 10 per cent and increases the levels of good cholesterol. Also, it reduces acidity, and prevents the appearance of kidney stones and improves intestinal function. 



It is transparent water, with unique brightness that comes from the granite floor in which it has filtered through for the last 60 to 120 years and with the characteristic taste that has remained unaltered for more than 100 years. Its balanced composition in minerals confers the water with extremely healthy properties.

Mondariz Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml