Heart Cockles in Brinel By Conservas Cambados

Tiny, amazingly delicious, little heart cockles, also called heart clams. These crisp, clean and fresh tasty Spanish delicacy are hand-packed in brine and deliver a pure, beautiful taste of the sea. Open the can and enjoy this Gold medal winner Great Taste Awards 2009. Ready to eat - a great treat!


Origin: Galicia, Spain


Ingredients: Cockles (30-40 per tin), water and salt. 100% Natural. No additives or preservatives

Weight: 111g metal tin.


Coques en saumure par Conservas Cambados

Petites coques délicieuses. Ces mets délicats espagnols frais sont emballés à la main dans de la saumure et offrent un goût pur et magnifique de la mer. Ouvrez la canette et profitez de cette médaille d'or, Great Taste Awards 2009. Prêtes pour la dégustation, pour votre plus grand plaisir!  


Origine : Galice, Espagne

Mises en conserve à la main

Ingrédients: Coques (30-40 par conserve), eau, sel. 100% naturel. 

Poids : 111g dans une conserve en métal.

“Conservas de Cambados” is based in Galicia in Northeast Spain. This is the region of the Arousa Ría, which is well-known not just for its size, but also for the richness of its marine life. This area is particularly suitable for harvesting clams, cockles, mussels, and other bi-valves. The Spanish believe canned seafood is a delicacy to be shared and enjoyed! They take great pride, and great care, to harvest the best seafood and package it with the utmost care. The result is the purest, most delicate, and exquisite tasting seafood on the planet! A true delicacy.

Across Spain it is a tradition to offer canned seafood as a delicacy at restaurants and bars. Great care is taken to prepare and package this delectable seafood in perfect condition, so that when you open a tin you are experiencing the true flavor of fresh seafood. The seas off the coast of Galicia in Northwest Spain are cool and rich in nutrients, making them an incredible fishing ground. “Conservas de Cambados” is located close to one of Spain’s largest Rías (estuaries), known as the 'Ría de Arousa'. Their facilities are very close to where the seafood is harvested, so they are able to use the freshest squid and shellfish available.

In Spain canned seafood has long been served in restaurants, bars and in the home as a gourmet dish. Cockles, or Berberechos, are small edible salt water clams that are handpicked along the coast of the Galician region in northwestern Spain. The process of hand picking ensures that only the best in size and quality are used. Careful attention is paid to processing & packaging so that you are able to enjoy a beautiful tin of shellfish in its sweet fresh salt water from the Rias Gallegas in your own home. The Berberechos are ready to eat right from the can, no cooking necessary. Peel back the lid and serve with small tapas items such as Jamón Serrano, almonds, and crusty bread.

Gourmet Heart Cockles in Brine