Five hundred million years ago, in pre-historic times, the mountains we now call the Guilleries Massif were formed. Deep in the heart of this massif, forged from granite, volcanic rock, slate and clay, the largest aquifer in the entire Iberian Peninsula was born.

“The Cradle of Water.” The Font d'Or spring, an ancient source of delicious, pure and health-giving water: “The best water in the world.” Font d'Or, worth its weight in goldThe Font d’Or labels picture the 6 gold medals awarded for quality by leading Spanish associations and organisations for professionals working in the world of hotel management, catering, nutrition and cocktails.
Fontdor water stands out as a natural water of extraordinary purity, and features a balanced mineralization that enhances the digestion, particularly the digestion of milk, which explains why it has always been recommended for use in preparing baby foods. It is also a feature in the world of gastronomy: prestigious chefs and a great many housewives use it as a prime element in cooking their dishes, on account of its distinguished qualities. Thus Fontdor water is part of our everyday lives from our earliest childhood on through all the meals we enjoy every day thereafter.

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