There is no Christmas in Spain without turrón! This box offers a wide selection of different traditional turrones, polvorones and other Christmas sweets in one click. 


Contents of the box:

  • Delaviuda Turrón Duro Crunchy
  • Delaviuda Creamy Almond Turrón
  • Delaviuda Chocolate Turrón
  • Delaviuda Toasted Egg Yolk Turrón
  • Delaviuda Fruit Turrón
  • Delaviuda Three Chocolates Turrón
  • Delaviuda Walnut Cream Turrón
  • Delaviuda Marzipan Shapes
  • Delaviuda Torta Imperial
  • La Estepeña Polvorón Tradicional / Traditional Almond Cookie
  • La Estepeña Surtido Tradicional / Traditional Assorted Almond Cookies


*Products might be substituted with other brands of the same quality based on availability.

Feliz Navidad


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