Natural horchata from Chufas, 100% veggie, without colouring or preservatives. Traditional and artisan according to the Valencian recipe since 1987

Mix 1L of Condensed Horchata plus 4L of Mineral Water, and mix it.
We recommend cooling in the fridge before drinking * if consumed the next day it will be even better. Ideally to drink with coffee directly
Also to creative (vegan) cuisine and/or desserts.


Ingredients:¬†“Chufas, sugars, water & stabilizer; ( Xanthan Gum, Natural Polysaccharide) ”


Nutritional Value per 100g/ml: Energy Value: 68,84 kcal (288 kJ) РProteins: 0,22g / Carbohidrates: 13,2/ Sugars: 12,2g/ Starch 1g/ Fats: 1,10g / Unsaturated 1,06g /
Oleic acid:0,955g / saturated / 0,18g / Colesterol 0g / Dietary fiber: 0,01g/ Salt : 0,09g

Condensed Artisan Horchata HISC 1L (1 Bottle Makes 5L)

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