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Sobrassada and caramelized onion "coca"

"Coca" is a pastry typical from the Mediterranean coast of Spain. There are multiple types of "coca"; it can be sweet or savoury, and its shape and filling will depend on the region and the festivity. Today's "coca" comes from Mallorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands. Our version of the traditional sobrassada and onion "coca" is made with our caramelized onion, which adds a delicious sweet and savoury contrast.

🍕Ingredients (for 2 people):


To make the dough:

  1. Dissolve the sugar in the warm water and add the yeast.

  2. Let it rest for about 10 min, or until the yeast has woken up and it's all nice and bubbly.

  3. Add 1/3 cup olive oil and the pinch of salt.

  4. Add the flour bit by bit and stir until a bread-like dough is formed.

  5. Leave the dough to rest for about 30 min.

To assemble the "coca":

  1. Roll out the dough until it looks like a pizza. Optionally, you can pinch the corner of the "coca" for a pie-like decorative touch.

  2. Distribute the caramelized onion on the "coca" surface.

  3. Place small spoonfuls of sobrassada on top of the caramelized onion.

  4. Add a drizzle of olive oil for an extra Mediterranean feel.

  5. Bake at 400F for about 30 min, or until the edges look nice and toasted.

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