Culinary Tradition

Canned Spanish Seafood

Preserving Freshness

As Spaniards, it's our mission to share the very best our country has to offer.  Spain has a long tradition of carefully preserving shellfish and other seafood, to ensure the highest quality and freshness.  Now we're bringing that passion for exceptional product to Canada, and beyond.

The seafood we sell comes from the north of Spain where some of the best clams, mussels or octopus are harvested. These artisan "conservas" are key to the healthy Mediterranean diet and central to Spanish cuisine in a country virtually surrounded by both the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Fish preserves are an age-old tradition in Spain, thanks in part to the country's affinity for seafood. So, we know what we're talking about when it comes to seafood.  In restaurants, tapas bars, and homes throughout Spain you'll find canned seafood served as a delicacy, even straight from the tin or jar.

Spanish canned seafood is unique because of the variety and high quality of products found in jars and tins, and the attention paid to traditional, hand-crafted methods of production. This is why Spanish Bonito del Norte tuna from the Cantabrian Sea, mussels, octopus and sardines from the waters of Galicia, in northwestern Spain, are such a culinary delight.


Here the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean crash into rocky shores and mix with pure river water flowing down from the mountains. This creates the ideal environment for exemplary seafood.  

Centuries of tradition and respect for product, freshness and flavour has cultivated a deep tradition of gourmet canning in Galicia, where they have masted the art of  perfectly preserving their famous seafood. 
From these raw materials was born a tradition of exquisite canned seafood. Gathered by hand in local waters, each clam or mussel must be the perfect size and quality. The result is the most delicious canned seafood in the world.

At SolFarmers we offer the best available price/quality ratio available because we import each product ourselves.  We take pride in our product, sourcing from the very best our country has to offer - to bring a bite of Spain to your table.