In the culinary world, Spain's reputation as a producer of fine cured meats rivals the best the world has to offer.  From the delicate Jambon to the rustic Lomo and of course, our famous Chorizo.  
In the world of Spanish ham, there are two premium classifications: Iberico pigs and acorn-fed pigs. Unlike white pig breeds like Serrano, black-skinned Iberico pigs are descendants of the Mediterranean wild boar, and are colloquially called pata negra ("black foot") for the hoof that accompanies each ham. They're athletic animals, runners and rooters, and thanks to the structure of their intramuscular fat, their meat is more flavorful, juicy, and distinctive.
Lomo is not as well known as other cured Spanish meats such as the Serrano ham or the ever popular chorizo, which is a real shame because a good cured Lomo is a true gastronomic treat.  Lomo is basically the loin of the pig and in Spain is either cured to make regional specialties or sold fresh the same as you can buy from your local butchers in the North America or anywhere else.
Nothing beats tradition and quality.  Our charcuterie producers are handpicked from the very best Spain has to offer.  Try it for your self and taste what true Spanish food culture is all about.