SolFarmers dans la presse

Nous sommes parfois impressionnés de voir jusqu'où nous sommes arrivés en si peu de temps. Les bonnes nouvelles sur la bonne nourriture circulent vite.
Voici certaines de nos histoires préférées sur SolFarmers, nos produits espagnols gastronomiques et nos partenaires.   

HOLA!  SolFarmers Brings Premium Spanish Products to Ottawa

Ottawa Magazine (October 20, 2016)  

Three years ago, Alvaro Gonzalez’s wife accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at the Ottawa Hospital. He arrived in the capital with a business degree and lots of retail and marketing experience, but found a related job hard to come by. That wasn’t good news for Alvaro, but it was good news for Ottawa — the slow job market prompted the entrepreneurial Alvaro to join with fellow Spaniard David Gonzalez (no relation) to launch Solfarmers, importing tasty Spanish delicacies that are showing up with increasing frequency on restaurant menus around town.  Read More...

Found:  Superb Spanish Sardines

Ottawa Citizen, September 13, 2016

What: Small, top-quality canned sardines from Spain’s Galicia region.

Why: When Spaniards Alvaro Gonzalez and David Gonzalez (who are not related) wanted to start a business in their new home of Ottawa, they decided to bring the best that Spain has to offer to Canada.

“We analyzed the market and found that the quality of the olive oil was improvable and the quality of the canned seafood was very improvable,” says Alvaro Gonzalez.  

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Ottawa Gold Plates, November 7, 2016

Several of our wholesale clients have made it to the podium in Ottawa's Gold Metal Plates competition.  Congratulations to our amazing Chef Jamie Strut and his team from Soif Wine Bar for their second place finish in this year's event.  Competition is fierce.

(Photo Credit:  Wayne Cuddington, Post Media)