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Fruit from hundred-year-old olive trees make some of the world’s finest olive oils


Small producers offer the highest quality of products that embody their inherited culinary knowledge


Spanish seafood preserved at peak freshness, the key to the Mediterranean diet.



At SolFarmers, we bring the best and most traditional products from Spain, directly to your doorstep. Our trade is the heart and soul of our country - quality products delivered with exceptional service and hospitality.  

Our products tell a story deeply rooted in Spanish history and tradition. From our olive oils, cold-pressed from one of Andalucia’s 230 varieties of olives, to the Bellota and Iberico hams of Western Spain; from the carefully cured cheeses of Castilla and our gourmet seafood, canned by hand in Galicia, all our products are selected for their excellent quality and flavour.

 SolFarmers was born in 2014, when our founders David and Alvaro, two Spaniards who had recently arrived in Canada, set out on a journey to bring their culture and love for food to their new home. Since that time, we have supplied our carefully selected gourmet canned seafood, delicious meats and cheeses and world-class olive oils to Ottawa’s finest restaurants, working directly with chefs to continuously update our selection. Now we are delivering this same service and culinary experience directly to the doorsteps of Canadians craving the Mediterranean cuisine.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. Just as our Spanish suppliers work to ensure the highest quality products, we make sure that your customer experience is seamless, from the moment you place your order, to the moment our products arrive at your door. Each of our orders are carefully packaged, ready for you to enjoy.

Buen provecho! 

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